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Intimacy with God begins Face to Face

Written by Christopher Goins, Doriana Goins on Tuesday, 22 October 2013 Posted in Audio (English), Videos (English), Training Series (English)

Intimacy with God begins Face to Face
Many of the problems we face today start due to lack of adequate and effective communication, especially when we don't take the time to do it face to face.  Often we try to resolve these issues through a text message, by email or phone, etc.   Although these are good ways to communicate, but perhaps not always the best way!

When was the last time we sat face to face in that special place of intimacy with God just to say I LOVE YOU, or to say THANK YOU, or even to ask for FORGIVENESS?

Amazing how time passes by so quickly.  We come to the end of our day and we still have not taken the time to confront and settle conflicts, stop to play with our children, to be alone with our spouse and MOST IMPORTANTLY WE FIND OURSELVES AT THE END OF THE DAY NOT HAVING EVEN TAKEN THE TIME TO WORSHIP GOD or spend time with him face to face.  Sure maybe you've said a quick prayer as you ran out the door or as you ate lunch or dinner.  Perhaps even as you say a quick... "I love you" or "Thank You" But there was no true intimacy.

When you're interested in the people you love and have a conflict with them, do whatever it takes to resolve this conflict and have peace, for the sake of love!

When your in love a quick call or a text message just doesn't cut it, you want to spend time with them face to face!  This special kind of Love can only be shared or shown face to face.

It's not enough to just look at the backside of God.  We desperately need to see his face, his splendor, his holiness, his beauty, by spending time with Him and sitting at His table.  If there's anything that may be seperating us from Him today, take the time and fix it.  Don't let anything separate us from this powerful relationship full of peace, love and joy!

Sitting at the table implies making time to spend with Him. Family Time!  Create a place of intimacy where we can eat the words of life that come fron sitting at His table. He wants us to be productive and bear much fruit, but that happens in private.  It's there where He deposits in us the seed of revelation of who He is and then later we give birth.  What is done in the secret place will later be revealed and rewared in public.

How much do we truly know God? How much communication or time do we spend with Him daily? Do we only know his hands or feet? Do we only know His back? Do we truly know His face? As mininisters or worship leaders what are we reflecting? Are we the one who is shining, or is HE the one who is shining?

Beloved worshiper can not speak of what we don't know, we can not sing only to sing. He wants us to worship Him face to face in intamacy so that the day does not rob us of ALL our time.  Let Him be the first in your day.  Step into His supernatural presence which transforms us, so that when you're in public others can see that you were with Him, because that's what others should see in you and me when we minister, not an talented musician, not a good singer, not a worship leader who knows how to to pump up the people.  Let the Anointed One, the Mighty One, the Christ shine and flow in and through you! We need more of Him and less of us.

More than every we need time face to face with Him.  Prepare that special place and time with Him.  Enough with the quick prayers and shallow superficial encounters, it's time to climb higher and go deeper in our intimacy with Him so that when you leave his presnece it won't be your face that will be seen, but rather His face reflected in you!  Why?  Because intimacy begin face to face!

Be Blessed Today,

Doriana Goins
Prophetic Psalmist

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