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There Is A New Sound Of Wind Coming

Written by Christopher Goins Tuesday, 13 November 2012. Posted in Audio (English), Videos (English), Training Series (English)

by Pastor Christopher Goins

There Is A New Sound Of Wind Coming
While we were filming several new reflections, I heard the Lord speak so clearly to me: Challenge worshipers, worship leaders and musicians to prepare themselves for a new impartation of the Spirit of God.  There is a new wind approaching and can be heard by those who have their ears tuned into the Spirit of the Lord.
The bible indicates to us that God is a jealous God.  Why is he so jealous?  I believe that it is because He desires for His creation to worship Him with a clean and pure heart.  We must understand that God is wanting and has always wanted the very best for His children.  When we rebel against God's purposes for our lives we ultimately give our worship to someone or something other than Him.  When we turn to Him in complete trust, it opens the gates of heaven, so that we can experience His abundance in all the areas of our lives.  That is why he is jealous for His creation to worship Him.

Worship brings forth transformation.  It tests the condition of our heart.  When we worship God the focus is removed from ourselves and is placed on Him.

There is a new sound that is coming which will once again draw the heart of man back to the Father.  A sound that will bring hope to the broken hearted.  Repentance to those who have still yet to experience His awesome forgiveness.  It will challenge each of us to look into the mirror and examine ourselves so that the reflection that is seen is not ourselves, but rather Christ in us.

The world doesn't just need a new economic policy, new programs or a new president, but more importantly an encounter with the God who is passionate about us (His creation). We (Followers of Christ) must recognize that this transformation must begin with us in order for it to take affect in every area of our society.

Friend, please take the time and open your ears and heart to what the Lord is desiring to do in us and through us. May this week begin a tremendous new journey of transformation in your life and in the way you worship Him!

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